• “Meet Ward Baker, the strategist behind Marsha Blackburn’s winning US Senate campaign”
    The Tennessean, Nov. ’18
  • “It’s a fairly small world of people who understand how to run statewide campaigns and have done it successfully”
  • “I’ve long considered him a ‘philosopher warrior’ who thoughtfully and joyfully engages in politics”
  • The Washington Post declared Ward Baker one of the “winners” of the cycle and called his efforts “amazing”
  • “Hiring Ward was one of the best political decisions I’ve ever made”
  • “Tennessee native Ward Baker’s stock soars with Republican wins…”
    The Tennessean, Nov. ’16
  • “Campaign Strategist of The Year Is Awarded To Ward Baker #CampaignExcellenceAwards”
  • American Association of Political Consultants 2015 40 Under 40
  • “Ward Baker Named the 2014 Republican MVP”


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Baker Group Strategies is a full service firm with a record of winning campaigns under the most challenging circumstances. At Baker Group, our clients receive the highest level of service and results from our team of experts. Our team is here to help you with all of your goals and needs – no challenge is too big or campaign too small.


POLITICAL  I Provide Strategic Consulting  & Develop Comprehensive Campaign Strategy

PRESS I Drive Aggressive Earned Media And Press Opportunities At The National, State, And Local Levels

GRASSROOTS I Execute Expert, Professional Field Programs And Grassroots Outreach Campaigns To Influence The Conversation From The Ground Up

DIGITAL I Develop & Maintain Robust Digital Presence Online Through Creative & Topical Content